Friday, September 18, 2015

Reading Period 3: September 19 - 25: Watership Down

Class meeting: September 25

Long read:

Watership Down, chapters 30-50


Hyzenthlay's poem from Watership Down, chapter 35.
"Prospice" by Robert Browning
"Two Fusiliers" by Robert Graves

Creative Assignment:

Post your assignment to the Google+ community so your classmates can comment. Choose one:

Create a map to illustrate some or all of the story. You could map out the warren Efrafa if you want, or the new one based around the Honeycomb, or Cowslip's warren. Or you could pull the camera out to a long view, and map the whole story. Use color, paint, pencils, graph paper, or whatever medium you like.


Write a poem celebrating a heroic act in this section of the book. Maybe it's Hazel chewing through the dog's rope, or maybe it's Bigwig holding of Woundwort. Maybe it's Kehaar helping the rabbits under the bridge, or Hyzenthlay leading the does out of Efrafa. Imagine rabbits repeating your poem in great burrows for generations to come, to commemorate the hero you choose to honor.

Writing Assignment:

Post your assignment to the Google+ community so your classmates can comment. Choose one:

We discussed how the thorn in Pipkin's leg foreshadowed the peg that held the snare trapping Bigwig. Think about the boat escape scene on the Test River. What earlier scene foreshadowed this event? Write a 150 word essay explaining what foreshadowing is, using this pair of scenes as an example.


Write a constitution for Hazel's new warren. What are the rules and how will it operate? What are the most important ideas and goals? What is the role of the Owsla? How will resources be handled? What about safety? Will criminals be punished? What should be done with newcomers? Try to imagine how Hazel and his friends would want to write down their policies, if they could hold a pencil. Create their founding documents.


This quiz covers Watership Down chapters 30-50. Remember you can use your book to answer the questions. Send me an email with the subject header STICKYBEAK QUIZ.

Black Rabbit of Inle, Art by Sleyf
1. What is a wide patrol?
2. Does the Black Rabbit of Inle remind you of anyone in Greek or Roman mythology? Or any figures in popular culture?
3. What is the "Iron Road"?
4. How do the rabbits get across the river this this time?
5. How did Woundwort treat the human that saved his life?
6. Why is Blackavar brought up to silflay if he's not allowed to eat?
7. Who is Bigwig's ally inside Efrafa?
8. Bigwig makes an excuse to General Woundwort to explain why he was talking to Kehaar. What does he give as a reason?
9. What natural occurrence happens just as Bigwig is loudly denouncing General Woundwort in the field?
10. Who is the first to demonstrate how to swim under the bridge and away from the boat?
11. Who warns the rabbits of the danger of foxes when they want to make camp?
12. What does El-arairah use to imitate a dog's nose and trick Rowsby Woof?
13. Who warns Hazel of the approach of the Efrafan rabbits?
14. What is Hazel's suggestion to General Woundwort to avoid war?
15. When Hazel leaves for the farm, who does he leave in charge of holding off the Efrafans?
16. What is Hazel's plan to defeat the Efrafans?
17. What is the Efrafan strategy for defeating Hazel's warren?
18.  What does Vervain realize about General Woundwort when he comes out of the hole?
19. Who saves Hazel's life this time?
20. The first thing Bigwig says to Hazel after nearly dying is a joke. Why is it funny?
21. Who became the new chief rabbit of Efrafa?
22. What vision of Hazel's was made a reality between the two warrens?

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