Friday, November 6, 2015

Reading Period 8: November 7 - 13: A Little Princess

Class meeting: November 13
Due date: November 12, 7pm

Long read: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, chapters 8-14

Short read: "Thank You Ma'am" by Langston Hughes

Poem: "Dreams" by Langston Hughes

Creative Assignment:

Draw/paint/color/create a picture of Melchisedec's family behind the wall, as Sara might imagine them. Do you think she would imagine them in stark circumstances, like her attic room, or in luxury, like she used to enjoy? Include some significant details in your drawing so that we can tell exactly what kind of like Sara pictures the rats experience. It's okay to dress them in human clothes and give them furniture and whatnot -- after all, this is the world of the imagination!


Click through this slideshow of images from India. Make sure you read the descriptions of each picture. If you want to see more pictures, try this video. Imagine you are Ram Dass, the Indian manservant that lives in the next house to Sara. When Sara observes him watching the sunset, she imagines he is thinking of his home in India. Write a poem from his point of view about how much he misses his home, and what colors, sounds, sights, and feelings he is missing.

Writing Assignment:

Write a short essay comparing and contrasting Sara's life before and after the news comes about her father's death and her poverty. Remember that comparing means telling about the things that are the same, and contrasting means telling about the things that are different, so you need to do both things in your essay. You'll want to talk about external things (like her room, her food, her activities) and internal things (like her attitude, her mind, her voice).


Sara pretends she is a prisoner in the Bastille. Learn about the Bastille on the internet, and write a short essay telling about what it is. You can start with this article which is very short and this Wikipedia entry which is very long. If you're interested in the terrible conditions Sara describes the prisoners enduring, you may be disappointed, as it seems that our Sara has been a victim of prison reform propaganda. Try this out for an explanation. Note for Googlers: I'm talking about the prison, not the band!


In this quiz you'll once again be finding evidence in the text to support an idea. Please provide a quotation from the novel that proves each of the statements below.

1. Sara still has an active imagination, even after her troubles begin.
2. Sara is able to identify positive things about her attic room.
3. It bothers Sara to accept charity.
4. Sara makes Ram Dass happy.
5. Mr. Carmichael is looking for Sara Crewe.
6. Sara's pretends don't always help.
7. It was hard for Sara to give away the buns.
8. Sara inspires goodness in other people.
9. Ram Dass knows a lot about Sara.
10. Ram Dass had already started in on his plan, before bringing the secretary to the attic.

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