Friday, January 8, 2016

Reading Period 13: January 9 - 15: Over Sea, Under Stone

Class meeting: January 15
Due date: January 14, 7pm

Long read: Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper, chapters 1-5

Short read:

"Merlin the Enchanter," short story by Thomas Higginson, from Tales of the Enchanted Isles. I hate posting links with ads, so here are two:
This link is ad-free but the formatting is a little more difficult.
This link has ads but is easier to read I guess.


excerpt from Merlin and Vivien by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

In Love, if Love be Love, if Love be ours,
Faith and unfaith can ne’er be equal powers:
Unfaith in aught is want of faith in all.

It is the little rift within the lute,
That by and by will make the music mute,
And ever widening slowly silence all.

The little rift within the lover’s lute,
Or little pitted speck in garner’d fruit,
That rotting inward slowly moulders all.

It is not worth the keeping: let it go:
But shall it? answer, darling, answer, no.
And trust me not at all or all in all.

Creative Assignment:

Choose three of the treasures of England from the list in the story, "Merlin the Enchanter." Draw a comic incorporating all three -- either being misused in a funny way, or discovered and used properly, or mistaken for regular household objects, or something from your own imagination. Your comic should have at least four panels.


Read the whole poem, "Merlin and Vivien" by Tennyson. Create a prose translation of the poem. That means write a story that tells what happened in the poem, using your own words in regular sentences instead of poetry. This is a tough assignment but I know you can do it! Write at least 200 words.

Writing Assignment:

Choose one of these walking routes from South Cornwall, after looking over all of them. One even includes a village called Trelissick! Using Google Maps and Street View (drag the little yellow guy in the bottom right corner onto the map to get to street view, or ask someone to help you) get as close as you can to the route so you can see how it looks. Now, after reading the description and looking at some photos or street views of the places, write a 200 word essay describing your imaginary walk down this route. Include specific details about what you hear, see, smell, and feel as you walk. You can add an element of adventure if you want.

Could this Cornwall fishing village be Trewissick?


The three Drew siblings each have their own personalities, and the relationships between them are very different. Using specific quotes from the book to support your points, write 200 words about the roles the three children play within their group. Who is the leader? Who is the caretaker? Who comes up with the ideas? Who is the explainer? Who causes trouble? Who is the peacemaker? Where is the conflict? Put quotation marks around your evidence from the text.


1. In what mythology is Barnaby particularly interested?
2. Choose one moment in chapter 1 that shows Jane and Simon's relationship. Tell what happens and explain what it tells you about them.
3. Personification is a literary device where human qualities are given to animals, things or ideas. When stars dance, opportunity knocks, or a flashlight glares, that's personification. Find the personification in the following passage:
The light was beginning to die, and as the sun sank behind their headland the sea was turning to dark grey-green, and slow mist was creeping into the harbor. 
4. What does it mean when Simon says, "What a swizz"?
5. By what accident does Barney find the map?
6. What does Mrs. Drew do for work?
7. How did Great Uncle Merry behave when the Withers siblings appeared at the door?
8. Why does Jane decide to go and visit the Vicar?
9. Why does Dr. Drew find the burglary mysterious?
10. Who do the children decide to tell about the map?

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