Friday, January 22, 2016

Reading Period 15: January 23 - 29: Over Sea, Under Stone

Class meeting: January 29
Due date: January 28, 7pm

Long read: Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper, chapters 11-14 plus the epilogue.

No short read or poetry assignment this week. Since we had no class meeting, we'll discuss last week's story and poems in class on Friday.

Creative Assignment:

If one British pound in 1965 is equivalent to 18 pounds today, and one pound today is equivalent to 1.5 dollars today, then figure out what the children's 100 pound reward would have been worth in today's dollars. Then make a list of the things you'd buy with that much money, including dollar amounts. You could say "take a trip to Cornwall" but then you'd have to tell me how much the airfare and hotel would be. Of course you could also choose to buy stuffed llamas, but you'd have to figure out how much each would be and how many you could get.


If you meant to hide something that had to stay hidden for hundreds of years, where would you hide it? If you had to leave instructions for someone to find it, what would they be? Create a treasure map or write out how to find your hidden item.

Writing Assignment:

Read this article in The Atlantic: "Why the British Tell Better Children's Stories." Now write 200 words summarizing the article's main idea, and giving your opinion as to whether this is correct or not. Is Over Sea, Under Stone a better book because of England's long and mysterious history? If you quote directly from the article, be sure and use quotation marks.


At the end of the story, Barney is disappointed and says that the Drew children failed their quest, but Great-Uncle Merry argues that they were successful. How did you feel? Were you satisfied by the ending or were you disappointed that the secrets of the grail are still secret? Write 200 words in which you tell me why Barney was disappointed, why Great-Uncle Merry wasn't, and how you felt about the ending. Did it make you want to read more books about Jane, Simon, and Barney?


1. What kind of race was Bill involved in, during the festival?
2. What information does Mr. Penhallow give the children about Mrs. Palk?
3. What were the costumes of the two people who kidnapped Barney?
4. Why does Mr. Hastings say Great-Uncle Merry wants the grail?
5. What was the noise that snapped Barney out of his trance?
6. What important info did Mr. Penhallow give the children that will allow them to search for the grail more effectively?
7. Why do the children hear an owl in the daytime?
8. What system do the children use to communicate with each other when Simon and Barney are in the cave?
9. What happens to the original treasure map?
10. What happens to the grail?

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