Friday, February 12, 2016

Reading Period 17: February 13 - 19: Anne of Green Gables

L. M. Montgomery
Class meeting: February 16, 18
Due Dates:
Quiz due February 15, 7pm
Assignments due February 17, 7pm

Long read:

Anne of Green Gables, chapters 13-24

Short read:

"14 Facts about L. M. Montgomery" by Joy Lanzendorfer


"Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight" by Rose Hartwick Thorpe

Creative Assignment:

What would Anne Shirley is obsessed with fashion, especially puffed sleeves! But what would she wear if she lived in 2016? Using Polyvore's app for putting together outfits, create a look for Anne Shirley including a top, bottom, bag, shoes, and any acccessories you think she would like. You don't need to sign up
Puffed sleeves, YO!
for Polyvore to share your look -- just take a screen shot when you're happy with what you've made, and post that along with a description of the items you chose and a price tag for the whole outfit.


Create Green Gables in Minecraft. Obviously to correctly replicate the book's main setting you want to create a white house with green gables, with a tree outside at least one window. But how much farther can you take it? Add the barn? The brook? The grey house in the distance? The sorrel mare? The road to Mrs. Rachel Lynde's house? Go for it! Post screen shots.

Writing Assignment:

Sometimes Anne's imagination works against her, as when she let the pie burn to a crisp, or when she becomes scared of her own pretends in the "haunted wood." Write about a time when your imagination has got the best of you, either by taking time away from your tasks, or convincing you something was real when it wasn't, or making you paranoid or nervous, or anything else you've experienced. 200 words.


A lane on Prince Edward Island
What makes a good friend? Write your definition of a good friend, using at least two examples of good and bad friend behavior from Anne of Green Gables. What are the most important traits of a good friend? What can ruin a friendship? You can use Anne and Diana as examples, or other characters like Marilla and Mrs. Rachel Lynde. 200 words.


1. Name one thing that Anne is anticipating about the picnic.
2. Where does Anne confess that the brooch is now, and where was the brooch really found?
3. Give an example of a name Anne came up with for something and a name Diana came up with for something.
4. How did Gilbert get Anne's attention and what was her response?
5. Why does Mrs. Berry decide that Anne is unfit to be Diana's friend?
6. What does this mean? "All things great are wound up with all things little."
7. What is Mrs. Berry's reaction to Anne's heroic rescue of Minnie Mae?
8. What happened when Anne and Diana jumped into the spare room bed?
9. Why does Anne think the spruce wood over the brook is haunted?
10. What is Anne's worst subject in school?
11. What prompts Diana to shriek, "Anne, are you killed?"
12. What is the name of Anne's new teacher?

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