Friday, February 19, 2016

Reading Period 18: February 20 - 26: Anne of Green Gables

Class meeting: February 23, 25

Due dates: 
Quiz due Monday February 22, 7pm
Assignments due Wednesday February 23, 7pm

Long read:

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, chapters 25-38


"The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes

In the book version, Anne recites "The Maiden's Vow" but in the television production this is the poem she recites at the White Sands hotel. Here's a song version:

Creative Assignment:

Write a story suitable for the Story Club! It must be "romantical" and it must also be moral -- the good people must be rewarded and the bad people punished. You can use the names Cordelia Montmorency and Geraldine Seymour if you want to. You can also include dragons, swords, and genies if you want to. Just make it a story that Anne would love. 200 words.


In your D&D adventure, Anne Shirley, pretending to be Lady Elaine from the poem The Lady of Shallott, has somehow made it into medieval England and been kidnapped by Mordred to get back at Lancelot. He thinks she is the real Lady Elaine! Write the story of how this happened. You can start with Anne in Avonlea, or start with the moment she travels through time to the real river that leads to Camelot, or you can tell the story in Mordred's point of view.

Writing Assignment:

Consider this quote from Anne of Green Gables:

"Marilla is such a sensible woman. It must be a great deal better to be sensible; but still, I don't believe I'd really want to be a sensible person, because they are so unromantic. Mrs. Lynde says there is no danger of my ever being one, but you can never tell. I feel just now that I may grow up to be sensible yet. But perhaps that is only because I'm tired." 

Write a personal essay about your personal nature. Are you sensible or romantic? Would you rather be sensible or romantic? Do you think it's necessary to choose to be one or the other? Which would make you happier? Which would make you safer? Which would you choose? Do you think it's possible to choose, or is one born in a particular way? Which do you think you have been so far in your life? 200 words.


Analyze the poem "The Highwayman" in terms of Anne's preferences in poetry. What would make it a good choice for a recitation? Why would Anne like it? Use specific aspects of the plot and scenes of the poem. What lines would she particularly enjoy delivering? Bonus: How is this poem similar to The Nightengale and the Rose? 200 words.


1. What did Matthew bring home from Carmody, instead of puffed sleeves?
2. Who is allowed in the story club?
3. What was Marilla's solution to the green hair?
4. What is Anne's response to Gilbert's apology?
5. Based on the context and what Anne experienced there, what do you think the "exhibition" was like in modern day terms?
6. Based on the context, and what the students intend to study there, what do you think "Queen's" is?
7. Give a line from the text that shows us Miss Stacy is a good teacher.
8. Who passed the exams with the top score?
9. Why did the American say that Anne's hair was "Titian"?
10. Why does Marilla cry when she sees Anne in the new dress?
11. What is a scholarship?
12. What is commencement?
13. What was on the paper that Matthew had in his hand?
14. What decision does Anne make about Redmonds College?

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