Friday, April 8, 2016

Reading Period 23: April 9 - 15: A Wizard of Earthsea

Class meeting: 
April 12, 14

Due dates: 
Quiz is due April 11 at 7pm. Assignments due April 13 at 7pm.

Long read:

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin, chapters 4-6

Short read:

Note: This story is challenging and disturbing. Please have your mother read her email from me before you read this one.

"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" by Ursula K. LeGuin

Creative Assignment:

Consider the island of Pendor. Here's a quote: "Pendor had been left to the dragon, with all its bones and towers and jewels stolen from long-dead princes." Imagine an island that's been left to the habitation of a dragon and the dragon's eight sons. Now draw this island in whatever way you want -- close up, far off, big, small, whatever. Try to imagine the combination of ruin and desolation with the life and fire of nine dragons.


After Ged saved the Ninety Isles, they wrote a song for him called The Song of Sparrowhawk, celebrating his victory. Write the words to a song that could have been used for this purpose. Your song must have at least two verses and a chorus or refrain. It can have music too, if you want, or just be lyrics.

Writing Assignment:

After Ged is shamed by his behavior at Roke, Vetch says to him, "I know what you did, but not what you are." What does this mean? Don't his actions define who he is? In a short essay, discuss how our actions define us, if you think they do, or how they don't define us, if you think they don't. In your essay, after you introduce your topic, you must give one example from the story and one example from real life. In your conclusion, you must either argue that actions define us or not -- no saying "it depends on the situation" or "it can go either way."


We have been talking about the effects of naming on a person's identity. Anne Shirley and Ged both place a high importance on the names of things -- of natural places and people and herself, for Anne, and of all living things, for Ged. Think about how this relates to name-calling. In spite of the saying "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me," it still hurts a lot to be called a bad name. Why does it bother us so much to be called a name? Why did Anne get so furious about "Carrots"? In a short essay about this topic, write about a time when you've been called names.


1. Who is Kurremkarmerrilk?
2. Why can Jasper and Ged not have a wizard's duel?
3. What does Jasper challenge Ged to do after the celebration of Moon's Night?
4. Whose spirit does Ged try to bring forth?
5. What happened to the black beast that came out of the tear?
6. What great gift did Vetch give to Ged?
7. What does Ged have to do, in order to graduate from Roke?
8. Why was Ged appointed to such a humble position in the 90 Isles?
9. Who calls Ged back from his trance after he tries healing the boy?
10. How does Ged deal with the first three dragons?
11. What information does Ged use to bargain with the main dragon?
12. How does Ged pay for his passage to Osskil?
13. What is a Gebbeth?
14. What information does the Gebbeth use to get power over Ged?

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