Friday, April 15, 2016

Reading Period 24: April 16 - 22: A Wizard of Earthsea

Map of Earthsea drawn by Ursula K. LeGuin
Click on this for a huge zoomable version.
Class meeting: April 19, 21

Due dates: Quiz due April 18, 7pm. Assignments due April 20, 7pm.

Long read:

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin, chapters 7-10.

Short read:

"Song of Myself" excerpt on the handout from class. From Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.

Creative Assignment:

After finishing the novel, explore the theme of the book by creating a side by side illustration of Ged and the shadow creature. You may use whatever medium you like, but you must use unlined paper and some kind of color. If  I look at your illustration, I must understand the outcome and the message of the novel. How can you explain what Ged discovered in the end, in a visual way?


Create an illustrated diagram to show how A Wizard of Earthsea follows the archetypes of the monomyth: the hero, the villain, the mentor, the ally, the sidekick, the threshold guardian, the trickster, the shapeshifter, the jester. Include at least six characters with their archetypes. You can make a table, a wheel, a group photo with labels, whatever you like.

Writing Assignment:

Look over your notes from class. We talked about writing introductory paragraphs, and learned that an introductory paragraph has two jobs: to introduce the topic, and also to introduce you as a writer. If you present a boring intro, your reader is likely to wander off. To prevent this, you need to grab your reader in one of the following ways: attention grab, brain grab, or emotion grab. As we discussed in class, you can use a startling fact or anecdote to grab attention, pose a question or dilemma to grab the reader's mind, or ask the reader to imagine him or herself in a situation, to grab sympathetic emotions. There are many (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) ways to create a compelling intro. Show me yours!

So here's the assignment: Imagine an essay with the following topic: We all have a dark side. Now write an intro of at least 200 words to this essay. You don't have to write the whole thing -- just the intro should be 200 words in itself. How will you compel your reader?


Only take the quiz after finishing the novel!

1. When Ged winds up at the Court of the Terrenon, who does he meet from his past?
2. According to Ged, why is the Terrenon bound and locked and fortressed up?
3. What happens to Serret, once they escape?
4. What does Ogion do for Ged after he flees the Court of the Terrenon?
5. Give a quote from the book that explains why Ged wants to fight the shadow on sea, not land.
6. What gift does Ged give the two old people he meets on the empty island?
7. Who does Ged join up with in Iffish?
8. In whose point of view is the part of the story told after Ged grabs the shadow? Whose eyes do we see this through?
9.  Who is there to meet them back in Iffish?
10. After finishing the novel, tell me honestly at what point you figured out the true name of the shadow that Ged was chasing.

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