Friday, May 27, 2016

Reading Period 27: May 13-June 24: Final

It's pronounced gee! Like ski!
Last Class Meeting: To Be Determined

Due Dates: June 24. This includes all late assignments and quizzes!

Long Read: Finish A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Short Read: The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

Creative Assignment:

We've studied how character archetypes reappear in the stories we read. Imagine what might happen if the characters in the nine novels we've read got mixed up and switched books? What would happen if Merlin mentored Ged instead of Wart? If Diana Barry became Sara Crewe's sidekick? If General Woundwort turned up in Trewissick or Mr. Hastings went to Brooklyn? How would Ebeneezer Scrooge fare as a rabbit, or Velvet Brown feel about being visited by three spirits? If you want to, you can mix up the books even more and put three different characters together.

After you have fully imagined a great setting, create a drawing of this strange meeting/switch on unlined paper with color materials. It must be clear from your drawing what characters are switching.


After you have fully imagined the drama that might ensue after such a change, write a short scene about this strange meeting, including dialogue and action. 300 words.

Writing Assignment: 

Thinking back over all the books we have read this semester, decide which character was your favorite and which was your least favorite. Write a short essay explaining why. In your introduction, you should talk about your criteria, or reasons, for choosing your favorite and least. Then you'll need two paragraphs to talk about the two characters -- make sure to include specific details from the books, including scenes and maybe quotes. In your conclusion, say what you learned about yourself from figuring out what you like and dislike in a character. You must identify your reasons -- this may require some thought and self-examination! Your essay should be 300 words.

Final Challenge (instead of a quiz):

We've been doing a "Stickybeak Scoop Sheet" for each of the novels we've read. Please practice your skill in analyzing literature by doing a "scoop sheet" for the short story, "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant. You'll need to include one of each of these elements, unless I've noted you need more than one:

Title, Author, Something about the author, Year, Something else happening in that year.
Characters (3)
Settings (3)
Plot points (3)
Significant object:
Literary technique:
Discussion question:

Now that you've analyzed the story as a list of elements, turn this list into an interesting essay of three hundred words, teaching people what they need to know about this story. Don't just turn your list into prose. Instead of saying "The characters are A, B, C, and the plot points are A, B, C, and the settings are A, B, C" you could summarize the story, making sure to include the names of the characters, the places, and the things that happened. It may be helpful to create an outline first. How many paragraphs will you need? What info should you put in your introduction, and what can you save for your conclusion? Send your mini scoop sheet to me in email as you would a quiz, and post your essay to your Stickybeak Archive as your final archive entry for the year.

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