Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reading Period 1: September 2-8: Ivanhoe

Class Meetings: September 6, 8
Due dates: 
Quiz: September 5, 7pm
Assignments: September 7, 7pm

Long Read:

Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, adapted by David Purdie, chapters 1-11


"The Two Trees" by William Butler Yeats


Participation on the Google+ Community is expected and will be rewarded this year! Everyone loves to get responses to their work, including insightful comments and helpful encouragement. But ten students will produce a lot of work, maybe too much for you to keep up with. You will be divided into two participation teams, and expected to comment on at least your teammates' posts. Of course you can be extra awesome by commenting on everyone's post. Teams can change their names once we start meeting. I separated the siblings, but otherwise it's random:

Team Normans! Montjoie! Snowden, David, Mia, Leah A, Elizabeth
Team Saxons! Óðins skegg! Sadie, Katie, Leah R, Ean, Keely

There will be other uses for our teams, to be announced! For example, sometimes the team whose members finish posting their assignments earlier in the week will receive some advantages in class.

Your comments should be positive and encouraging, but try to relate specifically to something in the assignment.

Creative Assignments:

Choose one of these assignments, and post your work to the Google+ community before the deadline. You can comment on anyone's work, but remember to comment on your team's posts! Always stay positive!

Illustrate one of these character pairs. Use details from the text to inform the clothing, posture, and setting of your illustration.
Wamba and Gurth
Pryor Aymer and Brian de Bois Guilbert
Cedric and Rowena
Disinherited Knight and Reginald Front de Beouf
Prince John and Waldemar Fizurse.


Using the tune "If Ever You Were Mine," write at least three verses of song about Rowena and Wilfred's forbidden love. You can write either from the point of view of Rowena singing to Wilfred or Wilfred singing to Rowena. The only requirement is that the last bit of the tune should go with the words "if ever you were mine." The song has an A section and a B section. Listen a few times to get a grasp on the way it goes before you start writing. Here's the tune:


Same as above, only rewrite the lyrics to "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson from the point of view of Rowena. Obviously keep the words "Since you've been gone" since that's thematically appropriate to Wilfred's absence in the crusade.


Same as above, only rewrite the lyrics to "Stressed Out" by 21 Pilots from the point of view of Ivanhoe.

Writing Assignments: 

Ivanhoe takes place in the year 1194, a year in which England was divided between the Norman rulers and the Saxons they ruled. Watch and read this short illustrated guide to the Norman Conquest. Using the information you find here, and the information in the first few chapters of Ivanhoe, write a 200 word essay explaining the political situation in England in the year 1194. Who rules and who serves? Who conquered and how? Use your own words to explain the history of the conquest and the tense situation that resulted. Your essay should include and name Edward the Confessor, Harold Hardrada, Harold Godwinson, and William the Conqueror.


We know that Rotherwood, home of Cedric the Saxon, was a rude and unimpressive dwelling compared to the castles his Norman overlords were building around him. Enter and explore this virtual replica of a Norman keep. Try to find all the staircases and explore all the rooms. Now write a 200 word first person account of your visit. Include as many specific details as you can, and use your imagination too, to bring in sounds, smells, and feelings.

Ain't no party like a Rotherwood party.

You may use your book to answer these questions! Email your answers as complete sentences to Ms. Lydia, and please use the subject header Stickybeak Quiz Reading Period 1. You can include the questions in the quiz you turn in by copying and pasting them into your email.

1. What jobs do Gurth and Wamba do for their master Cedric?
2. In what way is Prior Aymer's appearance and behavior inconsistent with his job as a monk?
3. What is a Knight Templar?
4. What is a Palmer?
5. What does Prior Aymer warn Brian de Bois Guilbert about Cedric?
6. Give evidence from Cedric's dialogue to show that he hates being ruled by the Normans.
7. Who does Brian de Bois Guilbert challenge to a fight, as soon as he comes back to England, and why?
8. What does the Palmer tell Isaac to do, when he visits Isaac's cell at night?
9. What do you think the Palmer said to Gurth in chapter 6 to make him obedient?
10. How does Isaac repay the Palmer for his help?
11. Who does Prince John force to move, at the tournament, to make room for Isaac and Rebecca?
12. Who gets to decide which lady will be the Queen of Love and Beauty on day 2 of the tournament?
13. What is largesse?
14. What does El Desdichado mean?
15. Who wins the tournament?
16. Who does the winner choose as the Queen of Love and Beauty?
17. What is the winner's physical state at the end
18. Where does Gurth go with a bag of gold after day 1 of the tournament is over?
19. Who gives the gold back to him?
20. How does Gurth get free of the robbers on the way back?

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