Friday, September 16, 2016

Reading Period 3: September 16-22: Ivanhoe

Class Meetings: September 20, 22
Due Dates:
Quiz is due September 19, 7pm
Assignments are due September 21, 7pm

Long Read: 

Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, by Walter Scott, adapted by David Purdie, chapters 32 - Epilogue.


"When You Are Old" by W. B. Yeats

Creative Assignments:

Imagine a movie version of the book Ivanhoe. First decide on a cast. Who will play the major roles? Now come up with a tagline -- what simple sentence or question encapsulates what this movie is about. For example, the movie tagline for Apollo 13 was "Houston, we have a problem." The movie tagline for Jaws 2 was "Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water." The movie tagline for Alien was "In space, no one can hear you scream." Now that you have a cast and a tagline, create a movie poster that will make everyone want to come and see the movie!


Check out this strategy adventure game based on Ivanhoe's characters, culture, and time period: Defenders of the Crown. Play enough of the free demo that you get a sense of all the different parts of gameplay and what you might like or not like about it. Now write a balanced review of the game in which you describe the game and gameplay to someone who is considering playing it. Critique and praise specific features, and give a directed recommendation. For example, "People who play Monkeytoots will like this game, because it has monkeys and toots."

The real Coningsburgh Castle
Writing Assignment:

Ivanhoe is all about conflict: Saxon vs. Norman. Master vs. servant. Jew vs. Gentile. True monarch vs. Usurper. Churchman vs. Layman. Freeman vs. Outlaw. Choose a pair of characters that exemplify both sides of one of these conflicts and write an essay about how they live out the conflict in the plot of the book and how each one typifies the values and identity of his or her side of the conflict. We will be working on an outline for this in class on Tuesday, and you'll need to bring two copies of your finished outline with you to class on Thursday so we can read them and work on them in class. Your only assignment for the week following will be to revise this essay.


You may use your book to answer these questions. Copy and paste the questions into an email to Ms. Lydia and send your answers as complete sentences. Please use the subject header Stickybeak Quiz Reading Period 3.

1. Why is Cedric so destroyed by the death of Athelstane?
2. What gift does Locksley give to the Black Knight?
3. Who decides the prior's ransom and who decides the Jew's ransom? (in chapter 33)
4. What do De Bracy and Fitzurse plan to do now that Richard is back in England?
5. What is Prince John's plan for dealing with Richard?
6. Fitzurse agrees to carry out John's plan, but who does John offer to make High Marshal? Why not Fitzurse?
7. Who is Lucas Beaumanoir?
8. How does Prior Aymer describe Rebecca in his letter to Brian de Bois Guilbert?
9. Why is the Grand Master upset with Albert Malvoisin?
10. Why does Higg, son of Snell, appear at Rebecca's trial?
11. Who tells Rebecca to demand a champion?
12. Who is chosen to be the Templar's champion?
13. What does Brian de Bois Guilbert suggest to Rebecca as a way out of her predicament, when he visits her prison cell?
14. Why does Wamba sound the bugle?
15. What name does Locksley now want to take?
16. What is going on at Coningsburgh Castle when Richard and Ivanhoe arrive?
17. Why does Richard correct Cedric when Cedric calls him "Richard of Anjou"? What does he want to be called instead?
18. When Athelstane appears, what part of his ordeal does he seem most upset by?
19. Who shows up to be Rebecca's champion?
20. What is the purpose of Rebecca's visit to Rowena?

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