Friday, October 7, 2016

Reading Period 5: October 7-13: Oliver Twist

Jack Dawkins: Friend or Foe?
Long Read: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, chapters 6-15

Poem: Choose one poem from "When You Are Old," "The Two Trees," and "The Stolen Child" to memorize. You should have handouts in your folder for all three. Read this poem aloud to yourself or to someone else every day this week.

Creative Assignment:

Charles Dickens creates vivid characters and then gives them descriptive names to help bring them alive. Characters like The Artful Dodger, Mr. Bumble, Mr. Fang, Mrs. Sowerberry, and Bill Sikes have personalities that are easy to imagine. Try visualizing four of the characters in Oliver Twist as animals, and create illustrations of them with animal bodies. What animal would Mr. Brownlow be? How about Oliver himself? In your illustrations, you can give them Victorian clothes, or you can dress them in modern attire.


The name "The Artful Dodger" has really captured the imagination of a lot of business owners. It has been used for lots of pubs, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, and restaurants in England and the rest of the world. Pretend you are going to open a business in Norfolk called The Artful Dodger, and you're looking for investors. It can be a hair salon, a bakery, a music shop, or whatever you like. Write a letter to your rich friends describing your plan: the location, the building you'll be in, the decor, the menu or services offered, the staff, any details you can think of that make the project sound like an exciting investment.

Writing Assignment:

Write a persuasive essay of 250 words. In your essay, you will argue one of the following positions: 1. People who commit crimes must always be punished according to the law. or 2. It's okay to be merciful and just let criminals go free. For an illustrative example in your essay, use the characters and scenes from Oliver Twist. In your essay, you must pick a side and STICK TO IT! No "on the other hand" or "I can see it both ways." Here are some persuasive phrases to include in your essay: As the evidence shows, Bearing in mind, Now is the time, Strongly recommend, When you consider that, Deeply concerned, Taking into account, Many people think, Without a doubt, Shouldn't we consider, That is the reason why, The truth of the matter, We must remember. Those writers in Ms. Maryann's "What's Your Opinion" class will recognize these! Try to use three of them.


1. What did Noah say to Oliver that threw Oliver into a violent rage?
2. On what does Mr. Bumble blame Oliver's violent behavior?
3. What is Jack Dawkins' nickname?
4. Fagin says that the boys manufacture the pocketbooks and handkerchiefs but where do they really get them?
5. Why does the narrator think that the phrase "Stop! Thief!" is so attractive to people?
6. Dickens names characters to reflect their personalities or their role in the story. Give an example of a character in chapter 11 that has a descriptive name.
7. Give two details from the text that show that Mr. Brownlow is taking good care of Oliver.
8. What does Fagin send Nancy to find out, and why is he worried about it?
9. On what errand does Mr. Brownlow send Oliver, and what does Mr. Grimwig think will happen as a result of this errand?
10. Who does Oliver meet on his way to do Mr. Brownlow's errand?

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