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Reading Period 11: December 2-8: Mr. Midshipman Hornblower

Hey girl, I'm a midshipman. 
Due Dates:
Quiz: Monday, Dec 5
Assignments: Wednesday, Dec 7

Long Read:

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, chapters 4-6: "Hornblower and the Man Who Felt Queer," "Hornblower and the Man Who Saw God," and "Hornblower, the Frogs, and the Lobsters."

Short Read:

"The Fly" by Katherine Mansfield


"Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold

Hey girl, I'm a frigate. 

Creative Assignment:

Draw a frigate like the Indefatigable. In your drawing you must include and label the following parts: Keel, Anchor, Waterline, Bow, Stern, Forecastle, Quarter deck, Poop deck, Main mast, Foremast, Mizzenmast, Bowsprit, Figurehead, Hull.


After reading the short story, "The Fly" and the poem "Dover Beach," write a poem about a time when you've felt frustrated and helpless, like the world was out of your control. Think about that father, frustrated by helplessness as his son was killed in a faraway war, or the fly helpless against the ink, or pebbles being thrown up on the beach by the waves. Begin with one of the following lines:
Come to the window
The wrong song echoes
Someone is still laughing
In the next dark wave, we
What you feel is the wind
Ah, love, let us be

Writing Assignment:

In the short story, "The Fly," a character who is only referred to as "the boss" is reminded of his son, who was a soldier, and who has died in World War I and is now buried in a grave far away in Belgium. After thinking about his son's death, consider the idea that the fly in the story might be a symbol. Why did the author include this strange anecdote about a man covering a fly with ink, in a story about a man grieving his son? Given how the man treats the fly and what happens to the fly in the end, and even the name "the boss," what do you think the fly symbolizes? Write a 250 word essay in which you explain the scene with the fly to your reader, and say what the fly symbolizes in the story, for you.


Some adventure stories are written about heroes who seem to be all-powerful. In Horatio Hornblower, C.S. Forester, has created a main character that has a lot of flaws. Given that you know Forester wrote ten books of stories about Hornblower, and this is the first, chronologically, why do you think Forester wrote about Hornblower's many mistakes and flaws in his early career? Write a 250 word essay in which you explain specifically about one of Hornblower's mistakes, and then tell your reader why you think this author chose to portray this character this way.


What connection can you make between the poem we read, the short story we read, and the story "Hornblower, the Frogs, and the Lobsters"? Write a 250 word essay connecting the three pieces of literature.

Hey girl, I'm the Bay of Biscay, from Space

1. What acrobatic task is Hornblower supposed to accomplish during the attack on the Papillon?
2. Why was it so, so, so important for Hales NOT to get loudly sick and start yelling random things?
3. Find a quote that shows that Hornblower is a newbie. You must give a quote, in quotation marks, directly from the text.
4. Find a quote that shows that Hornblower has promise as an officer, and may do better in the future. Give the quote, in quotation marks, directly from the text.
5. Time on board ship was given by half hours, by ringing a bell between 1 and 8 times. Given that there are only eight bells, and 24 hours of the day, how would the seamen know what time it was? (Get some help here.)
6. Why did Styles get boils?
7. What does "beat to quarters" mean?
8. Who are the "Frogs" and who are the "Lobsters" from the title of the third story, and why are they called that??
9. Why were the British transporting French soldiers to France? Who were they going to fight?
10. What strange object were the French taking with them, and what did they do with it?
BONUS: What happened to Hornblower's horse as he was leaving France?

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