Friday, September 30, 2016

Reading Period 4: Sept 30 - October 6: Oliver Twist

Long Read:

Oliver Twist, chapters 1-5


"A Child's Hymn" by Charles Dickens

Creative Assignment:

For one day, eat only watery oatmeal (or grits or something else bland you can eat), an onion, and two ounces (about one bagel) of bread. Take pictures and write a short (250 words) memoir about the experience. Even though this is a creative memoir, think about the structure of your writing. Pretend your audience knows nothing of your diet experiment or why you are doing it, so you'll need to explain it and connect it to the book. Talk in your memoir about how you felt at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, the next day when you were able to eat different food, etc.


The poem for this week is both a prayer and a song. Set the words "A Child's Hymn" to music, and either play it on your instrument in a video, sing it in a video, or provide us sheet music to read.

Writing Assignment:

I'm quite serious. No, really. Totally serious.
Much of Oliver Twist is written in a satirical tone. For example, Mrs. Mann is called "his benevolent protectress." The narrator exclaims, "What a noble illustration of the tender laws of England! They let the paupers go to sleep!" Write an essay in which you praise something satirically, meaning that you really are mocking or attacking it. You could choose a food that you don't like to eat, a school subject you despise, a book you didn't enjoy, a chore you hate doing, etc. For example, you could write an essay praising the cleaning of toilets, in which we come to understand how much you hate cleaning toilets. You could write an essay expounding on the glories of broccoli, which shows us how much you despise it. Make sure you have read the first few chapters of Oliver Twist before you try this out. Your essay should be at least 200 words.


Put yourself in the world of the novel, and write a letter to the board of the workhouse in which you demand changes to the situation of the paupers and orphans. Use specific examples from Oliver Twist as if it is real life and these things really happened. Your essay should be at least 200 words.


1. What do we know of Oliver's mother, from chapter 1?
2. Give two examples of the author being sarcastic or satirical in chapter 2. You'll find he starts out right in the first paragraph.
3. Why has Mr. Bumble come to get Oliver Twist from Mrs. Mann's house and where is he going?
4. What crime lands Oliver in solitary confinement?
5. Why does the gentleman with the white waistcoat think that Mr. Gamfield is the perfect master for Oliver?
6. Why does Oliver NOT end up indentured to the chimney sweep?
7. What is Mr. Sowerberry's job?
8. What does Mrs. Sowerberry give Oliver to eat on his first night with them?
9. Why does Noah Claypole look down on Oliver and what name does he call Oliver?
10. Give a quote to show that the part of town Mr. Sowerberry and Oliver visit to measure the corpse is very run down and poor.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Reading Period 3: September 16-22: Ivanhoe

Class Meetings: September 20, 22
Due Dates:
Quiz is due September 19, 7pm
Assignments are due September 21, 7pm

Long Read: 

Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, by Walter Scott, adapted by David Purdie, chapters 32 - Epilogue.


"When You Are Old" by W. B. Yeats

Creative Assignments:

Imagine a movie version of the book Ivanhoe. First decide on a cast. Who will play the major roles? Now come up with a tagline -- what simple sentence or question encapsulates what this movie is about. For example, the movie tagline for Apollo 13 was "Houston, we have a problem." The movie tagline for Jaws 2 was "Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water." The movie tagline for Alien was "In space, no one can hear you scream." Now that you have a cast and a tagline, create a movie poster that will make everyone want to come and see the movie!


Check out this strategy adventure game based on Ivanhoe's characters, culture, and time period: Defenders of the Crown. Play enough of the free demo that you get a sense of all the different parts of gameplay and what you might like or not like about it. Now write a balanced review of the game in which you describe the game and gameplay to someone who is considering playing it. Critique and praise specific features, and give a directed recommendation. For example, "People who play Monkeytoots will like this game, because it has monkeys and toots."

The real Coningsburgh Castle
Writing Assignment:

Ivanhoe is all about conflict: Saxon vs. Norman. Master vs. servant. Jew vs. Gentile. True monarch vs. Usurper. Churchman vs. Layman. Freeman vs. Outlaw. Choose a pair of characters that exemplify both sides of one of these conflicts and write an essay about how they live out the conflict in the plot of the book and how each one typifies the values and identity of his or her side of the conflict. We will be working on an outline for this in class on Tuesday, and you'll need to bring two copies of your finished outline with you to class on Thursday so we can read them and work on them in class. Your only assignment for the week following will be to revise this essay.


You may use your book to answer these questions. Copy and paste the questions into an email to Ms. Lydia and send your answers as complete sentences. Please use the subject header Stickybeak Quiz Reading Period 3.

1. Why is Cedric so destroyed by the death of Athelstane?
2. What gift does Locksley give to the Black Knight?
3. Who decides the prior's ransom and who decides the Jew's ransom? (in chapter 33)
4. What do De Bracy and Fitzurse plan to do now that Richard is back in England?
5. What is Prince John's plan for dealing with Richard?
6. Fitzurse agrees to carry out John's plan, but who does John offer to make High Marshal? Why not Fitzurse?
7. Who is Lucas Beaumanoir?
8. How does Prior Aymer describe Rebecca in his letter to Brian de Bois Guilbert?
9. Why is the Grand Master upset with Albert Malvoisin?
10. Why does Higg, son of Snell, appear at Rebecca's trial?
11. Who tells Rebecca to demand a champion?
12. Who is chosen to be the Templar's champion?
13. What does Brian de Bois Guilbert suggest to Rebecca as a way out of her predicament, when he visits her prison cell?
14. Why does Wamba sound the bugle?
15. What name does Locksley now want to take?
16. What is going on at Coningsburgh Castle when Richard and Ivanhoe arrive?
17. Why does Richard correct Cedric when Cedric calls him "Richard of Anjou"? What does he want to be called instead?
18. When Athelstane appears, what part of his ordeal does he seem most upset by?
19. Who shows up to be Rebecca's champion?
20. What is the purpose of Rebecca's visit to Rowena?

Friday, September 9, 2016

Reading Period 2: September 9 - 15: Ivanhoe

That's SIR Walter Scott to you, sport.
Meetings: September 13, 15
Due dates:
Quiz due September 12, 7pm
Assignments due September 14, 7pm

Long Read: 

Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, adapted by David Purdie, chapters 12-31


"The Stolen Child" by W. B. Yeats

Creative Assignments

Post your work to the Google+ Community, and don't forget to comment on your teammates' posts. Choose one of these:

Create Torquilstone Castle in Minecraft. You must demonstrate your knowledge of at least ten vocabulary words and label these illustrations with signs. Example: barbican, palisade, bailey, moat, keep, arrow loop, crenelation, drawbridge, oubliette, donjon, postern gate, etc. You can work together on this project with one or two other people, if you want. Just make sure everyone contributes.


Create a  handwritten letter from Wilfred to Rowena, or a letter from Rowena to Wilfred. Pretend the letter is written while both are imprisoned at Torquilstone. What would each one be thinking of? What would they want to say to each other, if there was a doubt that they would ever see each other again? Handwrite your letter on paper with a pen, and include a flowery signature and whatever illustrations you think are appropriate -- hearts, flowers, swords, etc.

Writing Assignments:

Post your work to the Google+ Community, and don't forget to comment on your teammates' posts. Choose one of these:

Cool barbican, bruh. 
Rewrite the plot of the Torquilstone rescue so that Rowena and Rebecca save themselves and everyone else with the help of Ulrica. You can give them super powers if you like. Write at least 300 words, but take as much space as you need, to include dialogue, description, and awesome action sequences.


Write an invitation to the tournament at Ashby de la Zouche. In it, you should include everything a knight will need to know about the tournament. The rules, the schedule of events, what they'll need to bring, the etiquette expectations, and a list of the dignitaries they'll get to meet if they come. Explain about crowning the Queen of Love and Beauty, and make the tournament sound awesome so everyone will want to come and fight! Think about your invitation having an introduction, body, and conclusion, and what purpose, within this piece of writing, each one of those sections should have.


The quiz is open book! Make sure you email your answers to Ms. Lydia with the subject header Stickybeak Quiz Reading Period 2.

Have fun storming the castle!
1. How is the combat on the second day of the tournament different from combat on the first day?
2. What has happened to Ivanhoe's land and manor while he was off fighting with Richard in the crusades?
3. What target does Locksley suggest that Hubert refuses to shoot at?
4. Whose name does Cedric give a toast to at the banquet, causing John to freak out?
5. What evidence do you see in chapter 16 to support the idea that the hermit at the chapel of St. Dunstan does NOT lead a pious life of deprivation and prayer?
6. What reasons does Gurth have to be angry a Cedric in chapter 18?
7. What reasons does Cedric have to be crabby in chapter 18?
8. De Bracy has kidnapped Cedric's party and has taken them to which castle? Who owns it?
9. After the kidnapping, what does De Bracy want? What does Reginald Front-de-Boeuf want? What does Brian de Bois Guilbert want?
10. What does Rebecca threaten to do if Guilbert doesn't leave her alone?
11. Who dresses up as a priest to enter Reginald Front-de-Boeuf's castle?
12. What is the clever plan to get Cedric out of the castle?
13. Why is Ulrica tormented with guilt?
14. What job does Reginald give to Cedric as he sends him out of the castle?
15. Why does De Bracy not tell Reginald Front-de-Boeuf of Wilfred of Ivanhoe's identity? What would Reginald have done if he knew? And why?
16. In what point of view does the author, Walter Scott, filter the action of the battle scene in chapter 30?
17. How does Ulrica get her revenge on Reginald?
18. Who crossed the moat and attacked the gate?  (Two answers)
19. Who saves Rebecca from the fire?
20. Who saves Ivanhoe from the fire?