Saturday, January 28, 2017

Reading Period 14: Jan 20-26: The Time Machine

Due Dates:
Quiz: Wednesday, Feb 1
Assignments: Friday, Feb 3

Long Read:

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, chapters 1-5

Short Read:

"A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury

Creative Assignment:

Several artists and illustrators in the last hundred years have attempted to represent the actual time machine in H. G. Wells' novel. There's even a movie prop! Try not to be influenced by these creations, however, as you imagine a colorful illustration of the Time Machine. Your time machine should fit in the story -- it needs a special lever and a saddle and should make sense with the plot -- but doesn't need to resemble the movie version in any other way.


Pretend you are looking thousands of years into the future, and humanity has evolved far from our current state. In this future, everything is wonderful and has worked out perfectly. Write a 250-word description of what you see. "Utopia" is a word that means a perfect world -- for some that would be a peaceful world where everyone shares and is nice to each other. For others that might mean a world of robots where organic life has been totally destroyed. A garden world? A world where everyone is perfectly healthy? A world where we can eat pizza and cookies all day, and never get high cholesterol? What does a future "utopia" look like to you? How did it come about? What path should we choose now, as a species, to reach that future world?

Writing Assignment:

At the end of chapter 4, in the last few pages, the Time Traveler speculates as to what has happened to bring humanity to the situation he encounters in this future world. Carefully read the section that begins, "It seemed to me that I had happened upon humanity upon the wane." Now pretend the Time Traveler had sat down with paper and pencil to write a warning to the humans of his time. He wants to give them advice and instruction as to how to avoid the future he has found. What does he say? Write a 250 word Begin your paper like this: "My fellow humans, please listen to this warning!"


After reading this section of The Time Machine and also "A Sound of Thunder," write an essay in which you say whether you would travel to the future or to the past, if you had the chance to travel in time and had to choose where to go. You must state a clear opinion -- don't make a case for both sides! In your essay of 250 words, use both stories as illustrations for your decision.


1. According to the Time Traveler, what is the Fourth Dimension?
2. What happened to the first Time Machine?
3. What kind of food does the Time Traveler crave in chapter 2?
4. What did the Time Traveler do to be sure that the little people would not tamper with the time machine or damage it?
5. In approximately what year had the Time Traveler landed?
6. Returning from his long walk, what causes the Time Traveler to panic?
7. What does the Time Traveler think he hears when he bangs his fist on the pedestal of the Sphinx?
8. How does the Time Traveler make a new friend and what is his new friend’s name?
9. What lesson did the Time Traveler learn from his new friend?
10. What does the Time Traveler call the people from the lower world?

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