Friday, February 3, 2017

Reading Period 15: February 3 - 9: The Time Machine

Lunch with Eloi
Due Dates:

Quiz: Monday, February 6
Assignments: Wednesday, February 8

Long Read:

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, chapters 6 - Epilogue


Loveliest of Trees the Cherry Now by A.E. Housman (1896)

When I was One and Twenty by A.E. Housman (1896)

Creative Assignment: 

Pretend you are 5000 years in the future, and you are touring a museum of 2017. What will you find there? Think of ten and only ten items to include as exhibits in this museum. You may choose to illustrate this on unlined paper in color, with the items clearly labeled, or write a list with a short description of each one.


Choose two paragraphs from the book which you feel create two very different moods. It might be you choose one paragraph describing the pleasant life of the Eloi, and one describing the dangers of the Morlocks. Which specific words in the text contribute to the mood you're experiencing? Create an illustration for each one of these paragraphs, in which you incorporate the words you identified. They can be part of the drawing, or you can write them over the drawing, or the words can take the shape of trees or plates or stalactites -- however you choose.

Lunch with Morlocks
Writing Assignments:

The Time Traveler refers to mistakes that he made, either in his judgment or in his decisions. Of course we know that the author, H.G. Wells, created this character and wrote those mistakes for him. Why? Write a short essay about the Time Traveler's mistakes and their meaning. Choose two or three mistakes that you feel the Time Traveler made, and for each one, discuss what it was, how it affected the plot, and why you think Wells thought that mistake was necessary, either to further the plot or for the reader's understanding.


Reread the first four paragraphs of chapter 10. The Time Machine was written in 1895, when technology was progressing at an intense pace, almost as fast as it is progressing today. Think about the changes that have taken place in our world in the last twenty years -- the internet, mobile phones, social media. Do you think that in our society there is an Overworld and an Underworld? A part of the world more connected to pleasure and prettiness and a part of the world more connected to machines and work? Write a short essay in which you compare the Overworld and Underworld in the book with our world today.


1. What piece of equipment does the Time Traveller wish he had taken into the future?
2. Reclining under the stars, what food does the Time Traveller decide that the Morlocks must be eating?
3. What, according to the Time Traveller, was the original purpose of the Palace of Green Porcelain?
4. At night, what does Weena want to play with that troubles the Time Traveller?
5. The Time Traveller says that as the Morlocks attack him “The darkness seemed to grow luminous.” What causes this?
6. How does the Time Traveller get inside the pedestal to his Time Machine?
7. Where does the Time Traveller go in his Machine?
8. Upon returning to his laboratory, what does the Time Traveller see Mrs. Watchett do?
9. After telling his story to his guests, how does the Time Traveller reassure himself that the story is really true?
10. What does the Medical Man want to take with him?

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