Thursday, April 6, 2017

Reading Period 22: April 7 - 13: The Little Prince

Long Read: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, chapters 1-9

Poem: "The Sick Muse" by Charles Baudelaire, from Fleurs de Mal

Creative Assignments:

Create three drawings. First draw the little prince. Then draw the little prince inside a boa constrictor. Then draw the little prince inside a box.


Write a chapter from the point of view of the flower on the little prince's planet. You can write about when she emerged, when she met the little prince, or his departure. You can use your imagination to create whatever story you like -- it doesn't have to only stick to the details we find in the book.

Writing Assignments:

When you have read over all of the translations of "The Sick Muse" at the link above, choose the translation that you think is the best and the one you think is the worst. You can use any criteria that you feel personally makes sense. Write a short essay explaining your choices. Think before you start: how many paragraphs will you write? How will you use transitions between the paragraphs? In your conclusion, take the reader to a new place by saying something about your criteria, the reasons you chose the translations you did, and what it says about your preferences.


After reading the first nine chapters of The Little Prince, write a short essay about what parts of the story are real and what parts are made up. To do this, you'll have to decide the following: What does make-believe mean, and what does real mean? Is something impossible necessarily make-believe? Are real things the things you personally can see? When you have decided what elements of the story are real and what are not, think about how many paragraphs you will need to write your essay, how you will transition between the paragraphs, and what new place you will take the reader in your conclusion.


1. Why did the narrator go for so long without drawing?
2. Why is the narrator alone in the Sahara desert?
3. The little prince keeps rejecting the narrator's sheep drawings. What is the solution?
4. Why will the sheep not need to be tied up?
5. Why did people at first not believe the astronomer who discovered Asteroid B-612?
6. Why does the little prince always get rid of the baobab trees on his planet?
7. Why can the little prince watch the sun set 44 times in one day?
8. What is something serious for the narrator? What is something serious for the little prince?
9. How is the new flower different from the poppies?
10. Why is the flower not afraid of big animals?

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