We will read ten novels this school year. Each novel will be taught in three weeks, except two two-week January units. Each of these three reading periods per novel will have an open book quiz to be emailed to me at lydianetzer@gmail.com, and a writing or creative assignment to be posted to the Google+ Community, For each reading period there will also be a participation grade based on class participation and participation in the Google+ Community. Sections of the novel will be assigned to each reading period, but it's completely fine to read ahead!

Stories and Poems

During each segment of the class dedicated to a novel, we'll also read short stories and poems. These will be discussed in class and also on the Google+ Community. Each blog post that goes live will detail what stories or poems you are to have read for the next meeting.

Personal Archives

Each student will have his or her own personal archive, to keep track of the books he or she has read. This page will be linked from the web site and accessible for anyone, but only the owner of the archive can edit it. There will be a specific format to use for posting on your archive, but if you follow this format you can include as many books as you like. This archive will make a nice printable record of the books you've read this year (and for the next few years, for those of you who plan to stay with the class) so you can really archive it on an actual shelf.


If you choose to be graded, your grade will be calculated in the following way:

Quizzes: 20%
Assignments: 40%
Participation: 20%
Personal Archive: 20%

Late Work Policy:

Work turned in on time will start with a 10/10 grade. If it's turned in up to a week late, I'll give it a maximum 9/10. If it's turned in after that, it is a 0/10, but parents can take charge of grading it for an 8/10. This means that parents who have read their student's work and graded it can email me and tell me what the grade should be (up to an 8/10) as well as fill me in on the extenuating circumstances that caused the lateness. I will accept these emails from parents at the end of the semester.

Every student who wants to be graded will be given a spreadsheet to track their grades, accessible by the student and a designated parent only, and updated after each novel we finish.

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