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An archive is a collection of writings, preserved for the future. After you finish reading each book, you'll be writing a journal entry to include in your personal archive. If you start as a Stickybeak in 6th grade, and stay all three years, you'll end up with an archive of at least 27 books to look back on and remember. Your journal can be as individual as you are, but I'd like you to include an academic element and a personal element. An academic element is where you focus on the story itself, leaving yourself out of it. You can still write your opinion about the story, but this part doesn't really relate to your life. A personal element is when you bring your experience and life into the journal. Here is the format I'd like you to follow. I've included a few journaling prompts to get you going:

Sample Journal Entry

Title of Book
Author of Book
Date published
Date finished reading

Journal Entry Ideas:

Choose one or two of the following prompts to help you write your journal entry, or use something entirely different! Remember to include an academic element and a personal element.

Academic prompts: What was the book about? Something in the book that was awful. Something in the book that was wonderful. What kind of person would you recommend this book to? What would you tell the author if you could talk to him/her? Best character. Best scene. Worst character. Worst scene. Something in the book that makes you think of something that you’ve learned in some other area of your school or read in some other book. Was the ending satisfying? What you think should happen next.

Personal prompts: Something in the book that relates to your own life.How you felt when you were reading it. How you felt right after you finished reading it. If you had to go and live in the world of this book, would you be happy? sad? excited? worried? What character would be your best friend? What character would you avoid? What was going on in your life when you were reading this novel? Where were you, physically, when you were reading?

Each archived journal entry should be at least one page of writing, or 250 words. Google Docs has a a word count feature you can use on a highlighted section of text, to see if you're at the required number. You can also journal about other books you have read! The word count limit only exists for the books you're assigned in class, so go ahead and add as many books as you want! Make it a true record of everything you read. If you want to add photos of you reading, or sketches, or other pictures, that's great too. Go forth and archive! You'll find your archive in your "Shared With Me" section of Google Drive.

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